Day Of The Locust, The [Drama]


2015111520191223 (BBC7)
20191222 (BBC7)

Tod is a young scene designer in 1930s Hollywood trying to earn an honest buck and still maintain his artistic integrity. He falls in love with Faye, an aspiring actress and gets sucked into the toxic periphery of the dream factory.

Nathanael West's caustic satire on the flipside of the Hollywood dream.

Dramatised by Jim Poyser

TOD....Simon Lee Phillips
FAYE.... Laura Aikman
HOMER/MIGUEL....Kerry Shale
ABE/HARRY.... John Guerassio
MRS LOOMIS/ MRS JOHNSON....Teresa Gallagher
CLAUDE.... Louis Labovitch
EARL.... Todd Kramer

Director: Gary Brown

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in November 2015.

Caustic satire of 1930s Hollywood

Drama from BBC Radio 4