Day Release [Drama]


01House Arrest20171127Lenny Henry plays Frank Watt, an ex-lifer trying to adjust to life on the outside.

by Peter Jukes

Second series, with Lenny Henry as Frank Watt, reformed double-murderer recently released from prison. Frank and Geoff start a small rehabilitation company called ITHACA for ex-offenders, but have they rehabilitated themselves?

Director.. Mary Peate

Playwright and journalist PETER JUKES is best known for his book about the hacking trial, BEYOND CONTEMPT, (which he also dramatised for Radio 4); and more recently for his award-winning podcast and subsequent book UNTOLD: THE DANIEL MORGAN MURDER UNCOVERED.

SIR LENNY HENRY has an astonishing list of achievements to his credit: he is one of Britain's best known comedians; an award-winning actor (recently starring in The Comedy of Errors at The National Theatre, Fences at the Duchess Theatre, and 'The Resitable Rise of Arturo Ui' at the Donmar); co-founder of Comic Relief and a Trustee of the National Theatre, not to mention his campaigning activity for equal employment opportunities in Broadcasting. Added to all of this, he is making a name for himself as a playwright - he has written four plays for Radio 4 (with another in the pipeline) and his autobiographical BBC1 drama 'Danny and the Human Zoo' won the Screen Nation Film and Television Award in 2016.

02Spineless Cacti20171128By Peter Jukes. Lenny Henry stars as lifer Frank Watt.
03The Corner20171129Frank has discovered that his daughter is under threat, and it has sent him off the rails.