Days That Shook The World

Four programmes in which historian Niall Ferguson explores the details of the most critical days of the 20th century


011914 Britain Enters Ww11999121219991215The crucial cabinet meeting in 1914 that led to Britain's entry into the First World War.
0222 June 1941 - Invasion Of Russia1999121919991222The invasion of Russia by Germany, a crucial turning point in the course of the Second World War.
0327 October 1962 - The Cuban Missile Crisis1999122619991229The world held its breath as Kennedy and Khrushchev went eyeball to eyeball.
04 LASTMonday 19 August 19912000010220000105The day the hard-liners held Gorbachev prisoner in the Crimea and Boris Yeltsin stood on top of a tank.