Deacon - Gabriel\u2019s Feast [Drama]



By Edson Burton.

The enigmatic drifter returns. Deacon is called back to our world to help a lost soul, but despite his years and wisdom, he is struggling to read the signs. Grace fled her war-torn homeland and has taken refuge in a strange community on the fringes of Bristol. But what is it that drives their leader Gabriel? What are they preparing for? Can Grace overcome her paralysing fear? Will Deacon realise what is happening in time? Or has he finally met his match?

This third episode of Deacon unfolds in the spaces between inner city Bristol and the nether world. Starring Don Warrington.

Deacon - Don Warrington
Grace - Diana Yekinni
Gabriel – Richard Pepple
Khan - Ikky Elyas
Max/ Legba – Marc Danbury

Directed by John Norton
A BBC Cymru Wales Production

By Edson Burton. The enigmatic drifter returns. Starring Don Warrington

Drama from BBC Radio 4