Dead Man's Folly


012007080620080430Another case for Hercule Poirot, dramatised by Michael Bakewell.

Poirot gets an urgent telephone call from an old friend, distinguished crime writer Ariadne Oliver, asking for his help.

Poirot....John Moffatt

Ariadne....Julia Mckenzie

Sir George....Michael Cochrane

Lady Stubbs....Amanda Waring

Mrs Folliat....Rosalind Knight

Miss Brewis....Holmes

Merdell....Trevor Cuthbertson

Directed by Enyd Williams

Inspector Bland....Simon Treves

Miss Brewis....Liza Sadovy

Etienne de Sousa....Sam Dale

PC Hoskins....Joseph Kloska

Sally Legge....Jenny Funnell

Michael Weyman....Dominic Colchester

Turtle shirt man....Jot Davies

Ariadne Oliver....Julia Mckenzie

Alec Legge....John Dougall

Mrs Tucker....Christine Kavanagh

Marilyn Tucker....Nicola Holmes

022007081320080507Ariadne Oliver's worst fears have been realised and her murder game has become a reality.

Poirot is deeply shocked by such a mindless act of cruelty and enthusiastically joins the local police in their investigation.

032007082020080514Sir George is worried that the disappearance of his wife is connected to the unexpected arrival of her long-forgotten cousin.

Poirot is concerned that it might have an even more sinister implication, one linked to the murder in the boathouse.

04 LAST2007082720080521Poirot is convinced that yet another murder has been committed.

Ariadne Oliver is about to startle him with fresh information.