The Dead Of Fenwick Moor


20141117The Dead of Fenwick Moor

By Marty Ross

A contemporary psychological thriller centred around the question: if a word or two in the right ear could win a justice otherwise denied you, but at the cost of violence and loss to others - what would you do? And how would you live with the consequences?

Jane has left her origins in the rural south-west of Scotland for a life in liberal, cosmopolitan academe. But the murder of a loved brother forces her return to the deeply insular village she grew up in. She is all but certain who the killer is, but knows that he may escape justice. When an ex-boyfriend offers to take the law into his own hands, and deliver justice local style, Jane is faced with a moral dilemma.


Jane....Helen McAlpine

Patty....Caroline Paterson

Tommy....Paul Cunningham

Stevie....Scott Kyle

Producer/director....David Ian Neville.