Dead Room Farce

A series of nasty accidents befall the cast of the play Charles is appearing in. Is it bad luck or is someone out to sabotage the production.



As ever, Charles is his own worst enemy, a louche lush who can resist anything except temptation especially in the form of women and alcohol. His intentions may be good but somehow the results always go wrong.

He's been out of work so long now he feels he may never get a job and he's driving Frances his semi-ex-wife mad.

So when he's offered a small role in an awful play up in Rugland she nearly pushes him out the door.

But as always with Charles murder is never far behind.


Charles is offered a small role in an awful play. As always, murder is never far behind.


Bill Nighy stars as actor cum amateur sleuth Charles Paris. Charles is starring in a revival of a 70's farce when the Director drops dead and another premature death follows soon after when an audio producer doing a promo for the show dies in suspicious circumstances. Charles attempts to find out if foul play is afoot.

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Charles is starring in a revival of a 70's farce; the cast record an audio promo for the show only for the producer to be found dead in his studio. The cast seem to have secrets they don't want shared but who would go as far as murder to protect themselves? Charles is determined to find out.