Dear Baby Mine


05 LAST20160624

By Lucy Caldwell. Drama about male infertility and adoption.

This is a story of rooms. Of waiting rooms. Or maybe just the one room and the endless variations on it.

When Conor is told he has the condition azoospermia and is not producing any sperm, he struggles to come to terms with the implications of his diagnosis. He cannot father his own child. He cannot give his wife Keeley the baby she so desperately longs for. He feels lost, confused, guilty, responsible. All his assumptions and expectations for the future are thrown out of the window.

As both he and Keeley try to come to terms with the fact that Conor cannot father a child naturally and explore the other options available to them they embark on an emotional rollercoaster that will challenge their assumptions, their relationship, and their idea of family.

Lucy Caldwell is an award-winning playwright and novelist whose work is no stranger to Radio 4. Her novels 'The Meeting Point' and 'All the Beggars Riding' were serialised on Book at Bedtime and her dramas include 'Notes to Future Self', 'Avenues of Eternal Peace', 'Quicksands' and the Imison award winning 'Girl from Mars'.

Writer - Lucy Caldwell

Producer and Director - Heather Larmour.