The Dear Leader, The Great Leader And



the Tour Leader

1/2. PyongYang Express

North Korea was labelled by Washington as one of the world's "rogue states". Its image is one of gulags, famine, out-dated Stalinism and a megalomaniac cult of its leadership. But what about the people who live under such a regime?

In this series, Tony Pletts goes on a bizarre holiday in what is usually counted as one of the most isolated, mysterious and paranoid nations.

His guide is Nicholas Bonner, a landscape architect from Cheshire who has become North Korea's leading tour operator, and who for over a decade has been charming both the steely authorities of Pyongyang and his adventure hungry customers.


the Tour Leader

2/2. Come To North Korea, Join the Party!

Tony Pletts continues his unlikely holiday in North Korea with Nicholas Bonner, a British landscape architect who has spent the past decade taking tour groups into the world's least accesible country.

Together they visit the Revolutionary Opera, a collective fish farm, take a trip on the Pyongyang underground (which conveniently doubles as a nuclear fall out shelter) and have an encounter with a Buddhist monk who venerates, above all, the Dear Leader.