Dearly Beloved

Series about modern-day sermons.


0101Londoners2001090320031124Rev Clare Herbert of St Anne's Church, Soho, gives an overview of what makes a good sermon and how she goes about preparing talks relevant to her London parishioners.
0102Trainee Officers2001090420031125Padre Stephen Robbins, from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, talks about preaching service and leadership to 800 trainee officers.
0103Prisoners2001090520031126Rev Jenny Barnes, chaplain at Featherstone Prison near Wolverhampton, talks about her work among the 600 male prisoners.
0104Council Estates2001090620031127Rev Wallace Brown, whose church is on one of the biggest council estates in the West Midlands, talks about finding a new way of giving sermons which is relevant to his difficult, but beloved, parish.
0105Hiv2001090720031128Rev David Flag of Mildmay Mission Hospital discusses the challenge of finding appropriate ways to deliver sermons to those with HIV.