Death Knock [Drama]


20200911When a young black teenager is found stabbed to death in a reservoir, local newspaper reporter Nathan can no longer ignore the realities of his past. He increasingly struggles to reconcile the realities of his job with his own sense of guilt and dislocation from his origins, as a middle class black journalist. Stefan Adegbola and Ayesha Antoine star in this radio debut by playwright and former newspaper journalist, Martin Edwards.

Directed by Emma Harding


Nathan....Stefan Adegbola
Emma....Clare Corbett
Janice....Ayesha Antoine
Brooky/ Ali....Peter Polycarpou
Sam/ Ms Stone....Charlotte East
DCI Jones/ Alice....Cecilia Appiah
Alec....Ian Dunnett Jnr

A murder close to home forces a reporter to confront how far he's travelled from his roots

Drama from BBC Radio 4