Death Of A Soldier


AD20141110Lt Mark Evison was killed by a Taliban sniper, aged just 26, as he led his men in Helmand Province in May 2009. His mother Margaret Evison, a clinical psychologist, began writing her book as she fought to come to terms with his death. 'In the beginning it was therapeutic. I would write with no particular aim other than making myself feel better.'

An adventurous, bright and charismatic soul, Mark Evison was a natural fit for the army, and his mother acknowledges her son's eagerness to join the Welsh Guards. But his death raised questions that she feels have never been properly answered.

Posted to Nad-e-Ali, one of the most dangerous places on Earth, Mark Evison's own diary - sent to his mother after his death - talks of the inadequate medical equipment. There had been reported issues with the men's Bowman radios, and it was in seeking a better radio signal that Mark Evison exposed himself to the sniper. Then there was, without apparent reason, a crucial wait of 39 minutes until the rescue helicopter was authorised to pick up her son.

In this radio adaptation, words adapted from interviews with soldiers from Lt Evison's platoon and interwoven with Margaret's story.

"Death Of A Soldier: A Mother's Story"" is more than a mediation on grief. It's a scrutiny of 21st century warfare.

Original music and sound design by Lucinda Mason Brown.

"Death Of A Soldier: A Mother's Story"" is published by Biteback publishing

Produced and Directed by Karen Rose

A Sweet Talk production for BBC Radio 4.