Deborah Cadbury - The Dinosaur Hunters


0120080519 (BBC7)
20121001 (BBC7)

A bitter 19th-century feud between Gideon Mantell and Richard Owen to uncover a buried prehistoric past. Read by Emma Fielding.

0220080520 (BBC7)
20121002 (BBC7)

Naturalist Gideon Mantell and anatomist Richard Owen's feud over the uncovering of the prehistoric world. Read by Emma Fielding.

0320080521 (BBC7)
20121003 (BBC7)

Richard Owen marries, while rival Gideon Mantell opens a museum but is forced to separate from his wife. Read by Emma Fielding.

0420080522 (BBC7)
20121004 (BBC7)

The term 'dinosaur' is introduced to the world, while Owen and Mantell's rivalry intensifies. Read by Emma Fielding.

05 LAST20080523 (BBC7)
20121005 (BBC7)

Owen's dismissal of rival Mantell goes on to the bitter end, but he gets a taste of his own medicine. Read by Emma Fielding.