Decent British Murder, A [Ken Whitmore]


SNT1980020220200926 (BBC7)
20200927 (BBC7)
By: Ken Whitmore

Starring: Graham Roberts/Kathleen Helme/John Hollis.

Colonel Grace's house-guests include a number of people who are experienced at breaking and entering.
He decides to offer a prize of £1,000 to the one who can get into his intruder-proof library, which is protected with a deafening alarm, heavy security locks and a guillotine device that would slice in half anybody attempting to enter un-announced.

Starring: Cast:
Vanessa Grace.... Kathleen Helmi
Colonel Grace.... Graham Roberts
Marina Grace.... Linda Gardner
Fred Gingrich.... Christopher Godwin
Lionel Monro.... David Calder
Ella Chatto.... Annette Robertson
Albert Congleton.... John Hollis

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 1980.

Colonel Grace offers \u00a31,000 to the house guest who can enter his intruder-proof library.