Four programmes telling the stories behind the dedications of classically structured compositions over four centuries.


01Weep Great Tears From Your Eyes20000803The composer Desprez wrote his `Deploration' in 1497 and dedicated it to Johannes Ockeghem, a composer whose work he had loved dearly.

Musician and composer Harvey Brough introduces the music and explores the feelings and the story behind it.

02Ode To Purcell20000810Despite his huge musical output, Henry Purcell was to die in his mid-30s.

As a memorial to his friend and collaborator, John Blow composed his `Ode on the Death of Purcell' in the late 17th century.

The partnership is discussed by Robert King of the King's Consort.

03Hymnus Paradisi20000817The story of composer Herbert Howells's tribute to his son who died when he was nine.

`Hymnus Paradisi', written over several painful years, is one of his finest and most complex compositions.

His daughter, the actress Ursula Howells, remembers this period in her father's life.

04 LASTRequiem In Blue.20000824Musician and composer Harvey Brough's brother, Lester, was killed in a motorcycle accident when Harvey was 17.

For several years, Harvey worked on a composition dedicated to his brother, which fused jazz, classical, folk, medieval and blues forms.