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Josie Long hears short documentaries and true stories from people who have fallen in the deep end.

From the man who sets out to scam the con artists trying to exploit him, to the hypnotist who finds himself face to face with Uday Hussein, we hear true tales of falling down the rabbit hole into unsettling situations - including the moment when the poet Ross Sutherland accidentally crossed the boundary between fiction and reality and found himself being dragged into a wrestling match.

Wrestling With Fiction

Featuring Heresy and Ross Sutherland

Scamming the Scammers

Featuring Don Mullan

Produced by Claire Crofton

Larry and Uday

Featuring Larry Garrett

Produced by Sarah Geis

Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall

A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.

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By Pete Lawson.

A magical underwater world awaits Leni - if her cry from the depths of the public swimming baths can be heard.

With Michelle Holmes, Patrick Nielsen and Stephen Hogan.

Director: Ned Chaillet

Moving drama about a couple coping with the loss of their baby.

A surprise discovery leads Lennie to learn more about herself.

Leni makes a surprising discovery at the pool in this drama about the loss of a baby.

Leni makes a surprising discovery at the pool.

Written by Pete Lawson, stars Michelle Holmes.

Written by Pete Lawson.

Leni makes a surprising discovery at a public swimming pool. Moving drama about the loss of a baby. Stars Michelle Holmes.