0219970708Introduced by Jenni Murray.

Serial: `Delicate Matters'.


0319970709Introduced by Jenni Murray.

In the 1950s an ample bosom was the best fashion accessory, by the 1990s the superwaif look had virtually eliminated it.

Kathleen Griffin looks at how the breast has fared in the 20th century.

Serial: `Delicate Matters' (3/10).

0519970711Introduced by Sheila McClennon in the north.

Steel studs, salt or blue fluff - what do you keep in yours? Clare Jenkins investigates the bare essentials of the belly button.

Serial: `Delicate Matters' (5/10).

0619970714Serial: `Delicate Matters' by Vickery Turner, abridged in ten parts by Meg Clarke.

Part 1.

0719970715Introduced by Jenni Murray.

A look at the world's first sex workers' union, set up to fight for prostitutes' rights in Australia.

Serial: `Delicate Matters' (7/10).

0819970716Introduced by Jenni Murray.

Serial: `Delicate Matters' (8/10).

0919970717With Jenni Murray.

Serial: `Delicate Matters' by Vickery Turner (9/10).

10 LAST19970718Introduced by Diana Madill.

Serial: `Delicate Matters' (final part).