The Department

You've probably never heard of it.

You've certainly no idea of the extent of its influence.

Yet 'The Department' is an organisation which, quite legitimately and in total secrecy, has been running almost every aspect of your life.

Just three men form its dedicated think-tank: Oscar Proud, historian and pedant, Victor Gooch, financial wizard and legal parasite, and Lazlo Woolf, scientific hypothesist and Saggitarius.

Each week your future is in their hands.

Starring Chris Addison, John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, with Matthew Holness, Peter Dickson and Lucy Montgomery.

Written and performed by John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, and featuring Chris Addison, with Peter Dickson, Matthew Holness and Lucy Montgomery.


0102The British Transport System20040114This week the team tackle the British transport system.
0103 LAST20040121
0201Crime And Punishment20050712The Department is a secret organisation with the power to influence every aspect of your life.

At its heart is an eccentric three-man think-tank with the brief to brainstorm new ideas on solving society's problems.

Each week your future is in their hands.

The team tackle Crime and Punishment whilst trying to fend off the spectre of their annual appraisal.

0202Democracy20050719The team have to tackle the state of Democracy in Britain, but theres also the trifling matter of the Department audit landing them in hot water.
0203The Environment20050726This week the team tackle the Environment, whilst making the most of The Department's newly-introduced suggestions box.
0204Europe20050802This week the team tackle the relationship between Britain and Europe, whilst Lazlo's infatuation with Wendy is getting out of control.
0205Health20050809This week the team tackle the state of the nation's health, and Victor is determined not to be photographed for his security pass.
0301Tax And Public Spending20060802
0302Terrorism20060809Team 32 have to tackle protecting Britain from the threat of terrorism, whilst trying to find a way around a surprise random drug test.
0303Trade20060816The team try to concoct ways to make global trade at least a bit more fair.
0304Immigration20060823The team tackle the thorny issue of immigration.
0305Science And Technology20060830Team 32 must work out how to harness and control the power of science and technology for the greater good of humanity.
0306 LASTMaking Britain Great Again20060906As an investigation into the sabotage of Keith's blimp gets underway, Oscar, Victor and Lazlo must search for ways to make Britain great again.