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Programme Catalogue - Details: 29 November 199119911129

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SBH:Derek Jameson breaks down in tears as he reads news of footballer Gary Lineker's baby son (George), who has leukaemia. Ann O'Brien, weather presenter, comes in to the studio to help him carry on. From the Derek Jameson Show.

PRE:Jameson: breaks down as he reads news in paper about baby Lineker. Act. sound of studio door as O'Brien comes in. O'Brien: carries on with story. Jameson: ""it's so unfair"". DTF:Press cutting TXN/TDT:R2 29-Nov-1991 CON:JAMESON Derek (spkr) O'BRIEN Ann (spkr)

Broadcast history

29 Nov 1991 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 2)


Derek Jameson (Speaker)

Ann O'Brien (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 326086

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Radio 2