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Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle20091225
Susan Boyle20091225

Dermot O'leary talks to Susan Boyle, the West Lothian singer who was catapulted to fame by a life-changing performance that took her all the way to the final of Britain's Got Talent and worldwide fame.

During the course of this personal interview, Susan shares some of her favourite music, including Simon & Garfunkel and The Osmonds, as well as a very surprising funeral track.

Susan remembers stepping onto the stage for that audition; a very private reaction to her gobsmacking" reception; and reveals how she's coping with fame and the release of her debut album.

Dermot O'leary interviews the singer Susan Boyle and hears some of her favourite music."


Alastair Campbell talks about his nervous breakdown, life at Number 10 and his new career as a novelist.

02Simon Pegg *20090504

In the second instalment of his Time Capsules, Dermot O'leary talks to the actor, comedian, writer, director and self-confessed sci-fi geek, Simon Pegg.

Simon speaks about a successful career, which has taken him from performing in the comedy clubs of Bristol with a goldfish, to the Starship Enterprise, via the cult television series Spaced and hit films including Shaun Of The Dead.

It's been an instinctive, rather than premeditated, rise to fame and his trepidation at signing up to two long-running film franchises - Tin Tin and Star Trek - and playing the much-loved character of Scottie reveal a modesty which will ensure he never becomes a screaming monster who doesn't know what a bus is".

During the course of the hour-long interview, Simon reveals a great love for music which began as a child living above a record shop.

Influenced by his father, whose own music career received a tragic setback when his band was beaten by Pam Ayres on Opportunity Knocks in 1972, Simon enjoyed his time as a drummer in student bands and a brief period as a "card-carrying" Goth.

His musical tastes embrace many genres, from John Denver, to The Beatles, Sisters Of Mercy, the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band and The Wombles.

They've also influenced his work: An entire episode of Spaced was inspired by his love of mid-90s dance music but his plans to critique the work of Dire Straits, by throwing the offending vinyl at a zombie, were thwarted."