Desert Island Discs On 6 Music


6MCharlie Watts20110605Rolling Stones' drummer talks to Sue Lawley about his life and the 8 tracks he'd take to his desert Island.

He reveals how he draws the beds he stays in, the person behind his dapper look, his love of the stage, he talks openly about the sex, drugs and rock n roll of life on the road with the Stones, and discover how he's a man of extremes.

The programme was first broadcast on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs produced by Leanne Buckle.

Desert Island Discs on 6 Music features Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts.

6MJarvis Cocker20110601A chance to hear Jarvis Cocker's appearance on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs.

A chance to hear 6 Music's very own Jarvis Cocker's 2005 appearance on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs.

Jarvis reveals to Sue Lawley his favourite music and the ways he'd cope on the fictitious island.

Among his musical selections are Joy Division, Lieutenant Pigeon and Scott Walker and his luxury would be a bed with a mosquito net.

Produced by Leanne Buckle.

6MJohn Cale20110602Sue Lawley's castaway is Velvet Underground founder John Cale.

Sue Lawley's castaway is founder of Velvet Underground John Cale.

John Cale was brought up in a strict South Wales household.

His maternal grandmother insisted that Welsh was the only language to be spoken in the house even though his father spoke only English.

His childhood was solitary - he was an only child and his mother encouraged him to spend hours each day practising his piano playing, and he later took up the viola.

He went on to have viola lessons at the Royal Academy of Music while also studying music at Goldsmiths' Teacher Training College in London.

He was talent-spotted by Aaron Copland and awarded a musical scholarship to study in America, where he was part of the contemporary avant-garde music scene there, working with John Cage and LaMonte Young, until he met Lou Reed and the two formed Velvet Underground.

Their first album, The Velvet Underground and Nico, remains their best known.

Andy Warhol is credited as producer, it features Nico on vocals and the cover is the famous Warhol banana.

He went on to produce some of the most influential artists of the time and has made New York his home - although Wales continues to exert some draw over him.

He continues to write music and tour.

Cale's favourite track is She Belongs To Me by Bob Dylan and his luxury is a coffee machine with coffee beans.

First broadcast 2004.

Produced by Leanne Buckle.

6MMorrissey20110529A first for 6Music as we bring you some carefully chosen singer/songwriters who first appeared on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs.

Today Kirsty Young talks to Morrissey about the 8 tracks, book and luxury item he would take to his desert island.

The programme was produced by Leanne Buckle.

Discover the eight tracks Morrissey would take to the island plus the book and luxury item

6MNeil Tennant20110603Neil Tennant of The Pet Shop Boys discusses with Kirsty Young how he'd deal with life on Radio 4's fictitious island.

Among his musical choices: The Beatles, David Bowie and Dusty Springfield.

First broadcast in 2007.

Produced by Leanne Buckle.

Neil Tennant of The Pet Shop Boys faces life on Radio 4's fictitious island.

6MYoko Ono20110531Kirsty Young's castaway is Yoko Ono.

A chance to hear Yoko Ono's favourite pieces of music and the way she thinks she'd cope with being stranded on Radio 4's famous fictitious island.

Yoko Ono was already an avant-garde artist in her own right when, in 1968, she started dating one of the most famous men in the world, John Lennon.

Then, depending on who you listen to, she either stole him from the nation or helped him to focus on what was important to them both.

She discusses how it felt to be so reviled in the press, looks back on their life together and recalls the night of his death.

In a remarkably frank interview, she reveals how she still speaks to him - and he still communicates with her.

Presented by Kirsty Young.

Produced by Leanne Buckle.