Desolation Island [Classic Serial]



1 / 2. By Patrick O'Brian. August, 1811. Jack Aubrey sets sail for Australia in his new command, HMS Leopard. His mission - to transport a group of convicts to Botany Bay, including a woman, Louisa Wogan, who has been spying for the Americans. Stephen Maturin joins Jack once again as ship's surgeon - but his real mission is to watch Mrs Wogan. When a fever breaks out among the prisoners and crew, Jack decides to head for Recife - but he is pursued through the South Atlantic by a powerful Dutch warship. Dramatised by Roger Danes.

Other parts played by the cast.

Producer/director: Bruce Young

Producer/director: Bruce Young.

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2 / 2. By Patrick O'Brian. Jack Aubrey is pursued through the South Atlantic by a powerful Dutch warship whose 74 guns threaten to blow HMS Leopard out of the water. As the Leopard tries to out-run the enemy, Jack and Stephen have to contend with a fever that lays waste to the crew and an unexpected childbirth. A confrontation with the Dutch ship leaves Jack seriously wounded - and a dangerous situation turns to disaster when his first officer takes command and runs the Leopard into an iceberg. Dramatised by Roger Danes.