Detection - P Division - Code Four One


Genome: [r4 Bd=19940718]

Peter Turnbull 's Glasgow-based police procedurals, dramatised by Stephen Mulrine. 2: The Udder. Donoghue and Sussock investigate the disappearance of a wealthy couple.

With Alexander Morton , Astrid Wilson. Charles Kearney , Richard Greenwood and Phil McCall.

Director Hamish Wilson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19940718]

Unknown: Peter Turnbull

Dramatised By: Stephen Mulrine.

Unknown: Alexander Morton

Unknown: Astrid Wilson.

Unknown: Charles Kearney

Unknown: Richard Greenwood

Unknown: Phil McCall.

Director: Hamish Wilson

DS Sussock: Jake D'Arcy

DCAbemethy: Andrew Conlan

DC Montgomerie: Frank Gallagher

DI Donoghue: Crawford Logan

WPCElka Willem: Eliza Langland

DC King: Liam Brennan

Dr Reynolds: Gerard Slevin

Sergeant/Garage owner: Dave Anderson

Mrs Fulton: Ceit Kearney