The Devil's Violin



A magical, murderous, musical fairy tale by Lucy Rivers.

Life for 16 year old Hannah is pretty miserable. Her mother's a drunk and her baby brother Gethin is an evil little gremlin child. But then one night she meets an alluring violinist who plays the most seductive melodies. He offers Hannah the chance to fulfil her darkest desires. How far will Hannah go to get what she wants?

A wickedly playful dark modern fable with an original score composed and performed by Lucy Rivers.

Guitarist - Dan Messore

Violinist - Lucy Rivers

Composer - Lucy Rivers

Director - Helen Perry

A BBC Cymru Wales Production

Lucy Rivers is a multi-talented writer, musician and performer. She's achieved great success with her company Gaggle Babble on acclaimed shows such as The Bloody Ballad - uniquely fusing music and theatre, humour and the macabre. The Devil's Violin is her first radio drama.