The Diary Of Samuel Pepys - Series 4




1663 gets off to an unpromising start when Sam and Elizabeth have a furious row, culminating in him burning all her old love letters in the fire. Then Elizabeth is robbed in the street, and Sam has a writ issued against him on a false charge. He avoids arrest, until he can prove his innocence, by hiding next door at Sir William's house.


Samuel Pepys....Kris Marshall

Elizabeth Pepys....Katherine Jakeways

Captain Ferrers....Ewan Bailey

Mrs Sarah....Eiry Thomas

Man with writ....Lee Mengo

Lord Sandwich....Blake Ritson

Sir William Batten....Richard Mitchley

Theme music: Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May, words by Robert Herrick and music by William Lawes, sung by Bethany Hughes. Lute, baroque guitar and theorbo played by David Miller. Violin and viol by Annika Gray, and recorders by Alice Baxter.

Historical consultant: Liza Picard

Sound by Nigel Lewis

Adapted by Hattie Naylor.

A BBC/Cymru Wales production, directed by Nigel Lewis and produced by Kate McAll.


1663 begins badly for the diarist and his wife.