Dirk Bogarde - Jericho


0120080117 (BBC7)
20130826 (BBC7)
William Caldicott receives a key from his brother James and heads to Provence, where a mystery begins. Read by the author.
0220080118 (BBC7)
20130827 (BBC7)
Arriving at James's house in Provence, William looks for clues in his brother's mystery disappearance. Dirk Bogarde reads his adapted mystery novel.
0320080121 (BBC7)
20130828 (BBC7)
William tries to piece together the jigsaw of his missing brother's life in Provence. Dirk Bogarde reads his adapted novel.
0420080122 (BBC7)
20130829 (BBC7)
William suspects that Florence is hiding something, and then he makes a surprising discovery. Dirk Bogarde reads his adapted novel, set in Provence.
0520080123 (BBC7)
20130830 (BBC7)
William comes to a realisation about his missing brother and Florence. Dirk Bogarde reads his adapted novel, set in Provence.
0620080124 (BBC7)
20130902 (BBC7)
With his brother still missing, William meets Brent Miller and learns how a key opens more than just a door. Read by the author.
0720080125 (BBC7)
20130903 (BBC7)
William Caldicott learns about his missing brother James's unconventional lovelife in Provence. Read by the author.
0820080128 (BBC7)
20130904 (BBC7)
Shocked William starts to wonder whether Florence was aware of James's other life. Read by the author.
0920080129 (BBC7)
20130905 (BBC7)
William shares his latest theory with Florence over his brother's mysterious disappearance. Read by the author.
1020080130 (BBC7)
20130906 (BBC7)
Battling to find his missing brother James, William Caldicott gets a fresh lead. Read by the author.
1120080131 (BBC7)
20130909 (BBC7)
William Caldicott's wife Helen reveals her future plan, while their son Giles enjoys his visit to France. Read by the author.
12 LAST20080201 (BBC7)
20130910 (BBC7)
William Caldicott finally discovers the truth about his brother James's disappearance. Concluded by the author.