Divorce - Right Or Privilege?


200C01The Long Road To Divorce20000719

Melissa Benn begins a three-part look at the history of divorce.

1: `The Long Road to Divorce'.

We take our right to a divorce for granted, but only 150 years ago people wishing to separate and remarry had to petition Parliament.

200C02Holy Deadlock20000726

2: `Holy Deadlock'.

Melissa Benn continues her series on the history of divorce with a look at the 1930s, when adultery was grounds for a divorce.

This resulted in elaborate deceptions whereby one party would fake an affair.

200C03From Morality To Money20000802

Melissa Benn concludes her three-part look at the history of divorce.

`From Morality to Money'.

Divorce may now be available to everyone, but financial and legal complexities remain.

Meanwhile, society endlessly debates the rights and wrongs of divorce.