Do Tell Them Pike - Arthur Lowe On The Radio


20150919 (BBC7)

Ian Lavender explores his Dad's Army colleague Arthur Lowe's radio legacy.

20150919 (BBC7)

Made for 4 Extra. Ian Lavender explores Arthur Lowe's radio legacy through Dad's Army, With Great Pleasure, Billy's Last Stand and Desert Island Discs.

20170826 (BBC7)

Ian Lavender explores his Dad's Army colleague Arthur Lowe's radio legacy.

The radio legacy of iconic British comedy actor Arthur Lowe - best loved as Dad's Army's very own Captain Mainwaring.

Arthur's friend, and Dad's Army co-star, Ian Lavender (Private Pike) is our guide over 3 hours:

* Desert Island Discs - Arthur Lowe:
Lost to the BBC archives, but saved by a listener's off air recording, Arthur Lowe's castaway choices heard for the first time since 1970. Arthur tells Roy Plomley about his childhood, his early acting days whilst serving in the Second World War, his time on ITV's Coronation Street, and his joy at being part of the BBC's Dad's Army team - then in its relative infancy.

* Dad's Army:
Ian chooses his favourite episode from the many radio adaptations.

* Billy's Last Stand:
From 1965, Arthur stars in a startling drama, the first play from Barry Hines (who later wrote the novel 'A Kestrel For A Knave' - filmed by Ken Loach as 'Kes') In this darkly comic tale, Arthur Lowe plays casual labourer Billy who becomes the target of the schemes of parasitic Darkly, played by 'The Men From The Ministry' star, Ronald Baddiley. First heard on the BBC Third Programme.

* With Great Pleasure:
Not heard since 1976, Arthur Lowe's own choice of favourite readings and sketches. Helped by Martin Jarvis, hear Arthur's take on one of his favourite writers, PG Wodhouse, as he plays the ultimate British butler, Jeeves.

Arthur Lowe was born on 22nd September 1915 and died 15th April 1982.
Made for BBC Radio 4 Extra by Peter McHugh.
First broadcast in September 2015.