Doctor Finlay - The Adventures


...of A Black Bag. The Catch20071207 BT=0630 (BBC7)

When it comes to getting things of your chest, Finlay's patients are far more adept than he is. Fresh to BBC 7. Episode 1 of 6.

...of A Black Bag. The Day Dandini Came To Town20071108 BT=1700 (BBC7)
20071109 BT=0630 (BBC7)

An encounter with a nightingale, but not of the Florence variety. From 2001. Episode 3 of 6.

...of A Black Bag. The Sisters Scobie20071129 BT=1700 (BBC7)
20071130 BT=0630 (BBC7)

Finlay has more success in sorting out others' relationships than his own. First heard in 2001. Episode 6 of 6.

...of A Black Bag. The Wife Of A Hero20071122 BT=1700 (BBC7)
20071123 BT=0630 (BBC7)

Levenford is suffering from Cup Fever, but Finlay has to cope with more serious sickness. Episode 5 of 6.

...of A Black Bag. Wee Robertson20071115 BT=1700 (BBC7)
20071116 BT=0630 (BBC7)

When Finlay visits a teacher, little does he know he will end up on the Isle of Bute looking for Walter Scott. Episode 4 of 6.

...of A Black Bag. Who Laughs Last20071101 BT=1700 (BBC7)
20071102 BT=0630 (BBC7)

Dr Finlay meets the local miser, and lessons are learned. From 2001. Episode 2 of 6.