Doctor Who - Bonus Releases

Big Finish have released a number of Bonus CDs over the years and continue to do so - from the very early Big Finish Talks back interview CDs and DVDs to the last Subscriber Special to be made generally available.

This range contains all the audios that have previously been released as Subscriber Specials and are numbered in Roman Numerals.

You will also find the two releases Big Finish have produced for the BBC website as well as those releases mentioned above.


Doctor Who - The Maltese Penguin20021100t was just another quiet day on the mean streets for Frobisher, private eye. But then a dame walks into his office and into his life. A dame who is drop dead gorgeous and drop dead deadly, offering him a case he just can't refuse.

Well, he could refuse it. If he really wanted to. But he has to pay the rent.

When their paths cross, Frobisher finds himself involved in a web of mayhem and intrigue. A web of gangland killings, corrupt cops, sentient bloodstains, and very rude hotel receptionists. A web of murder and deceit, treachery and fisticuffs.

That sort of web. You know. The sticky kind.

Music From The New Audio Adventures Vol 220010100Music Scores: The Last of the Titans, The Shadow of the Scourge and The Fires of Vulcan

Alistair Lock, March 2001 - With each new Doctor Who story, I am presented with a new challenge. All our audios are recorded in a warm, comfortable studio, so the first of two major hurdles is to create audio environments that sound real and detailed. The second task is to make sure the actors sound as if they are in these environments, not merely pasted in front. This alone involves a lot of work, but even when these two stages are complete, there is still another and that is the music. I try and give each new production a different feel, and the music is a major component of this.

The first story, Last of the Titans, is a deceptively comedic story with a dark twist, set on board a huge empty spaceship. The style of the music in the earlier part of the story owes something to the work of Dudley Simpson in the seventies. As events take a darker turn, so does the music.

The Shadow of the Scourge features aliens who induce fear in the minds of their victims. Apart from one or two more traditional orchestral cues, it was my desire to make the music feel very uncomfortable.

The Fires of Vulcan is an epic tragedy involving the destruction of Pompeii by Vesuvius. The music reflects both the grandeur of the historical event, and its effect on the lives of the individual characters involved. My intention was to evoke a wide screen feel, in both sound and music.

Night Of The Stormcrow20131200Starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson
High atop Mount McKerry sits the observatory. For years now it's been watching the skies. Now something's watching back. Something dark and huge...
The Five Companions20111200
The Four Doctors20101200Starring Paul McGann, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy

The Fifth Doctor investigates the Vault of Stellar Curios, where he has observed evidence of time lea...