Doctor Who - Legends Of A Time Lord

Giant Gnome Production’s is proud to present it’s original take on the Doctor Who franchise. David Maciver heads up a talented cast as Giant Gnome’s Doctor, with Sammy Rey as Emily Whitrose, his steadfast companion. A homage to the Doctors of old, each adventure is in several parts, spanning hours of enjoyable audio drama. Join us as we embark on a new journey, with a new Doctor, to explore the universe with it’s vast array of wonders, oddities, and of course, dangers.


01Springheel Jack - 120090820In the Premiere Episode of Doctor Who: Legends of a Time Lord, the Doctor accidentally travels back to the nineteenth century and discovers something startling.
02Springheel Jack - 220090921
03Springheel Jack - 3 Last20091020In this episode of Doctor Who: Legends of a Time Lord, the Doctor squares off against Zebadiah and Obadiah, but not before Zebadiah and Obadiah have a fight of their own.