Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicals



Starring Maureen O'Brien with Keith Drinkel

Vicki has a tale to tell. - But where does it start and when does it end? - Ancient Carthage. 1164 BC. - Lady Cressida has a secret. She kee...

12Fear of the Daleks01/2007

Starring Wendy Padbury with Nicholas Briggs

Why has Zoe Heriot been having nightmares about the Daleks? Who is the Doctor, a mysterious man from her past? When an evil scientist hijacks he... - - -

13The Blue Tooth01/2007

Starring Caroline John with Nicholas Briggs

"I suppose that was one of the Doctor's most endearing qualities: the ability to make the bizarre and the terrifying seem utterly normal." - ... - -

0104The Beautiful People01/2007

Starring Lalla Ward with Marcia Ashton

Put all your worries behind you. - Situated in fifty acres of relaxing sculpted gardens, the Vita Novus Health Spa offers a sanctuary from t... - -

21Mother Russia10/2007

Starring Peter Purves and Tony Millan

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22Helicon Prime11/2007

Starring Frazer Hines and Suzanne Proctor

It's been a long time since Jamie McCrimmon remembered anything about his travels with the Doctor, but his visit to Helicon Prime just won't sta... - - -

23Old Soldiers12/2007

Starring Nicholas Courtney and Toby Longworth

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24The Catalyst01/2008

Starring Louise Jameson and Timothy Watson

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31Here There Be Monsters07/2008

Starring Carole Ann Ford and Stephen Hancock

A new adventure with the First Doctor as told by his grand - daughter, Susan. - “It was a terrible sound, like someone had just stabbed the Univ... -

0302The Great Space Elevator08/2008

Starring Deborah Watling with Helen Goldwyn

A new adventure with the Second Doctor as told by his companion, Victoria Waterfield. - The Great Space Elevator is a marvel of human engineer... - -

33The Doll of Death09/2008

Starring Katy Manning with Jane Goddard

A new adventure with the Third Doctor as told by his companion, Jo Grant. - “Retrocausation! Events before their cause. Time in reverse.” - ... -

0304Empathy Games10/2008

Starring Louise Jameson with David Warner

The present: Leela is doomed, trapped inside a prison cell of a dead race. - The past: After a disaster aboard the TARDIS, the Doctor and Leel... - -

35Home Truths11/2008

Starring Jean Marsh with Niall MacGregor

WHAT THE PAPERS ARE SAYING: - ‘Home Truths lingers in the mind long after the open - ended conclusion, and is one of the very strongest of the l... -

36The Darkening Eye12/2008

Starring Sarah Sutton with Derek Carlyle

A new adventure with the Fifth Doctor as told by his companion, Nyssa. - While investigating a debris - littered battlefield in deep space, the ... -

37The Transit of Venus01/2009

Starring William Russell

The year is 1770, and daring explorer Captain James Cook and his crew on the Endeavour are navigating the Pacific Ocean. - Into their midst c... - -

38The Prisoner's Dilemma02/2009

Starring Sophie Aldred with Laura Doddington

A new adventure with the Seventh Doctor as told by his companion, Ace. - Two prisoners meet in a prison cell. Zara is searching for the segmen... - -


Starring Anneke Wills with John Sackville

February, 1944: France is occupied by the Third Reich, the French Gestapo has an iron grip and the native resistance attempts to overthrow the i... - - -

310The Magician's Oath04/2009

Starring Richard Franklin with Michael Chance

"You must never tell. Not a soul. That's the magician's oath." - A heatwave in July and a tube train is discovered buried in twenty inches of ... - -

311The Mahogany Murderers05/2009

Starring Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter

Professor George Litefoot: the eminent pathologist who advises the police in some of their grisliest cases. Henry Gordon Jago: the master of cer... - - -

312The Stealers from Saiph06/2009

Starring Mary Tamm

A new adventure with the Fourth Doctor as told by his companion, Romana. - It's 1929, and the TARDIS crew is holidaying in Antibes. While the ... - -

41The Drowned World07/2009

Starring Jean Marsh with Niall McGregor

Space Security Agent Sara Kingdom is dead, her ashes strewn on the planet Kembel. But, in an old house in Ely, Sara Kingdom lives on… - To the... - -

42The Glorious Revolution08/2009

Starring Frazer Hines and Andrew Fettes

After years as a companion to the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon was returned to his own world and his own time, and his memories of his travels... - - -

43The Prisoner of Peladon09/2009

Starring David Troughton with Nicholas Briggs

"Tonight, I am going to tell you the story of the Prisoner of Peladon, and of the time when a friend and protector returned to our planet. A man... - - -

44The Pyralis Effect10/2009

Starring Lalla Ward with Jess Robinson

Long ago, the planet Pavonis IV was saved from certain destruction by the Doctor. Now it is dead, laid waste by environmental catastrophe, but a... - - -


Starring Mark Strickson and Alex Howe

Vislor Turlough is in trouble again: piloting a stolen ship through a pocket universe on a mission that is strictly forbidden by the Doctor. He ... - - -

46Bernice Summerfield and The Criminal Code01/2010

Starring Lisa Bowerman with Charlie Hayes

The Doctor and Bernice Summerfield are on the planet Shanquis, where the Doctor is trying to negotiate a peace settlement between this world and... - - -

47The Suffering02/2010

Starring Peter Purves and Maureen O'Brien

SYNOPSIS: - The TARDIS materializes in England in the year 1912, a time of great social change. The Suffragette movement is lobbying for votes... - -

0409Shadow Of The Past04/2010

Starring Caroline John and Lex Shrapnel

There's a secret locked up in UNIT's Vault 75 - 73/Whitehall. Dr Elizabeth Shaw is the only one left who knows what that secret is. - Returning... -

410The Time Vampire05/2010

Starring Louise Jameson with John Leeson

Leela, in her last moments of life, recalls a long - forgotten memory: a time in the TARDIS. The Doctor is worried that K9's increasingly bizarre ... - -

411Night's Black Agents05/2010

Starring Frazer Hines with Hugh Ross

Jamie McCrimmon and his new friend the Sixth Doctor are lost on the moors of Scotland, where the legendary Kelpie roam... - They are offered s... - -


Starring India Fisher with David Bailie

“What if there were a game you didn’t know you were playing? Where you didn’t know the aim and you hadn’t seen the rules?” - Charlotte Pollard... - -

51The Guardian of the Solar System07/2010

Starring Jean Marsh and Niall MacGregor

Space Security Agent Sara Kingdom is dead, her ashes strewn on the planet Kembel. But, in an old house in Ely, Sara Kingdom lives on… - Now jo... - -

52Echoes of Grey08/2010

Starring Wendy Padbury with Emily Pithon

Zoe Heriot has a photographic memory. Totall recall. But when it comes to the years she spent travelling in time and space, all she can remember... - - -

53Find and Replace09/2010

Starring Katy Manning and Alex Lowe

Christmas 2010, and Jo Grant finds herself stuck in a department store elevator with an alien creature called Huxley. - Huxley is a narrator f... - -

54The Invasion of E Space10/2010

Starring Lalla Ward

Trapped within E - Space, the Doctor, Romana and Adric are searching for a Charged Vacuum Emboitment – the gateway back to our universe. It’s like... - -

55A Town Called Fortune11/2010

Starring Maggie Stables with Richard Cordery

“Wanted dead or alive for the murder of… William Donovan!” - Problems beset the Doctor and Evelyn Smythe as they travel by train to the Wild W... - -


Starring Carole Ann Ford with Tara

Louise Kaye - Before Totter’s Yard, before Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, before the Chameleon Circuit was broken… the Doctor and Susan travelled alone. - ... -

57Peri and the Piscon Paradox01/2011

Starring Nicola Bryant with Colin Baker

The Doctor and Peri journey to Los Angeles 2009 to do battle with a Piscon. His name is Zarl, and he's a fish of utmost evil. - Zarl is goi... - -

58The Perpetual Bond02/2011

Starring Peter Purves with Tom Allen

When the TARDIS materializes in a familiar junkyard in the 1960s, the Doctor and Steven are soon embroiled in a mystery in the City of London. W... - - -

59The Forbidden Time03/2011

Starring Anneke Wills with Frazer Hines

Time Walkers have descended upon the Earth. This alien race, known as The Vist, has claimed an area of time for itself – any species entering in... - - -

510The Sentinels of the New Dawn04/2011

Starring Caroline John with Duncan Wisbey

Some time after leaving UNIT, Liz Shaw calls the Doctor to Cambridge University, where scientists are experimenting with time dilation. A device... - - -

511Ferril's Folly05/2011

Starring Mary Tamm with Madeleine Potter

The search for the fourth segment of the Key to Time brings the Doctor and Romana back to Earth in the present day. - In a small village in No... - -

512The Cold Equations06/2011

Starring Peter Purves with Tom Allen

In the remnant of a shattered satellite, far above the ruined planet Earth, Steven Taylor and Oliver Harper are dying. As time runs out, they fa... - - -

61Tales From the Vault07/2011

Starring Daphne Ashbrook, Yee Jee Tso, Katy Manning, Wendy Padbury, Peter Purves and Mary Tamm

Welcome to The Vault – jokingly known as 'The Museum of Terrors' – a high security establishment where UNIT keeps all of its alien artifacts. - ... - -

63The Memory Cheats09/2011

Starring Wendy Padbury with Charlie Hayes

Zoe Heriot remembers everything. But she remembers nothing. - A genius with instant recall, Zoe’s mind has been purged of her memories of tra... - -

64The Many Deaths of Jo Grant10/2011

Starring Katy Manning

"I wasn’t going to let this happen. After all we’d been through, the Doctor wasn’t going to die like this, on his knees, in the mud." - When ... - -

0605The First Wave11/2011

Starring Peter Purves

Caught in the inevitable path of its own history, the TARDIS arrives on the planetoid Grace Alone, where the Doctor, Steven and Oliver expect to... - - -

66Beyond the Ultimate Adventure12/2011

Starring Colin Baker with Claire Huckle and Noel Sullivan

A thrilling adventure in Time and Space! - The Doctor, Crystal and Jason have survived monsters, Madame Delilah and Mrs T, but then their for... - -

67The Anachronauts01/2012

Starring Jean Marsh and Peter Purves

An experimental timeship smashes into the TARDIS, and the crews of both ships wake up on a desert island. Has the TARDIS been destroyed? And why... - - -

68The Selachian Gambit02/2012

Starring Frazer Hines and Anneke Wills

The Doctor doesn’t normally need money, but when the TARDIS is immobilised and a fine has to be paid, a loan from a bank in the sky seems the so... - - -

610The Wanderer04/2012

Starring William Russell

Siberia at the end of the 19th Century, and the TARDIS arrives just as a shooting star hurtles to the ground. - With it comes an illness that... - -

611The Jigsaw War05/2012

Starring Frazer Hines

A cell. Four walls, one door. Jamie McCrimmon can escape, but it means unravelling a puzzle of extraordinary complexity. - And there are more... - -

612The Rings of Ikiria06/2012

Starring Richard Franklin with Felicity Duncan

UNIT is accustomed to dealing with visitors from space, but nothing has prepared them for Ikiria, an alien artist bearing gifts. Could Ikiria’s ... - - -

0701The Time Museum07/2012

Starring William Russell

“This is The Chesterton Exhibition. A series of breathtakingly faithful tableaux, painstakingly detailed to the nth degree. Dedicated to the lif... - - -

0702The Uncertainty Principle08/2012

Starring Wendy Padbury with Charlie Hayes

In the future, Zoe Heriot is a prisoner of the mysterious Company, which has evidence that she travelled through space and time with the Doctor.... - - -

0703Project: Nirvana09/2012

Starring Maggie O'Neill and Amy Pemberton with Sylvester McCoy

The place is Easterm Europe. The year is 2015. - The TARDIS lands in mid - air, and Captain Lysandra Aristedes is dropped into a daring mission... -

0704The Last Post10/2012

Starring Caroline John with Rowena Cooper

People are dying. Just a few, over a period of months... but the strange thing is that each person received a letter predicting the date and tim... - - -

0705Return Of The Rocket Men11/2012

Starring Peter Purves with Tim Treloar

A sequel to The Rocket Men. - Once before the Doctor battled the sadistic Rocket Men and once before he won. But when the dreaded pirates of t... - -

0706The Child12/2012

Starring Louise Jameson with Anna Hawkes

“Tell me another story, Leela. Not the one about the walking doll or the creepy mechanical men. A new one. I want to hear a new one…” - Leela... - -

0707The Flames Of Cadiz01/2013

Starring William Russell and Carole Ann Ford

The TARDIS materializes in Spain in the late sixteenth century. The country is at war with England – and the travellers find themselves on the w... - - -

0708House Of Cards02/2013

Starring Anneke Wills, Frazer Hines

The TARDIS has landed in a futuristic space casino, where the Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie find fun, games… and monsters everywhere. There are v... - - -

0709The Scorchies03/2013

Starring Katy Manning

The Doctor, his companion Jo Grant and the Brigadier face their strangest case yet – a Saturday night TV show that has been invaded by aliens th... - - -

0710The Library Of Alexandria04/2013

Starring William Russell with Susan Franklyn

The port of Alexandria, 5th Century AD. - The Doctor, Ian, Susan and Barbara have taken a break from their travels, and are enjoying a few wee... - -