Aka Mystery Island20171101

A tiny South Pacific island hosts 25,000 cruise ship tourists a month but at what cost?

What is the fastest growing sector in tourism? It is cruise ship holidays, increasing exponentially and globally. Twenty-five million cruise vacations were taken this year and that will double very soon. International cruise lines want remote, pristine and idyllic places to satisfy the appetite of passengers to be somewhere beautiful, especially in the Pacific.

In a remote, tiny community in the southern tip of Vanuatu in the South-West Pacific, a village is earning more than ever through hosting gleaming white giant cruise ships that regularly appear over the horizon. Most months more than 25,000 visitors step ashore. The attraction is Inyeug, marketed to tourists as Mystery Island - a tiny offshore reef-ringed island, fringed by a beautiful beach and surrounded by sparkling clear turquoise shallow water.

Susie Emmett listens to villagers as they prepare souvenirs and village tours. She asks the captain of a cruise ship about the effects of the ships on the environment. And she joins tourists as they explore and meets the teams dealing with the debris after their departure.

(Photo: Locals hold up their catch from fishing in the island of Inyeug. Credit: Green Shoots)

Before I Go20171101

Four people share their life-affirming experience of living with a terminal illness

Four British men and women share something in common with every single one of us across the globe - one day they will die. The difference is that they know with certainty that it will be sooner rather than later. Matthew Stride has a brain tumour; Sophie Sabbage has stage four terminal cancer; Vivek Gohil is now in a wheelchair due to Duchenne muscular dystrophy; Mandy Paine has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and needs oxygen to breathe.

Alongside the fear and grief that accompanied their diagnosis, these illnesses have also brought reflection, wisdom, opportunities and unexpected happiness. They are helping others, or living their dreams, changing lives and making a difference in the world.

In their words, they explain what it means to have a life-limiting condition and approach the end of your time on Earth.
Imminent death focuses the mind on what is important in life, producing a mental clarity that many of us would envy. Their experiences are filled with insight and lessons learnt and, while moving, are ultimately life-affirming.

The two most important dates in our lives are the day we are born and the day we die. What happens in between those two dates makes a life. What is striking when people know they will soon die – those who raise money for charity, start helplines or write books to help others in a similar condition – is the overall message of love and hope.

(Photo: Sophie Sabbage snuggles up to two horses)

Trump Re-elected20171104

Anthony Zurcher revisits the night Donald Trump was elected US president – and asks if it can happen again.

Donald Trump celebrated a remarkable Presidential election victory a year ago on 8 November 2016. Anthony Zurcher revisits that dramatic night – and asks could he do it again in 2020?

On the night of 8th November, Democrats were gathering for a huge victory party in New York’s Javit’s Convention Center, anticipating that Hillary Clinton would make history and become the first woman to be president of the United States.

Meanwhile in Trump Tower, Donald Trump’s election team had gathered. On the television networks, pundits and pollsters were waiting for results to come in.. But after initial exit polls favoured Clinton, events took an unexpected turn.

So could Donald Trump repeat this in 2020 and win re-election? Anthony asks some pivotal questions and hears from Susan Glasser, chief international columnist with Politico; from Clinton aide Amanda Litman about the organisation she has set up in reaction to the election defeat; from Sebastian Gorka about the enduring relationship that Donald Trump has with his loyal supporters.

(Photo: Trump delivering acceptance speech. Credit: Reuters)