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How have political, social and economic changes affected relations between generations?

Chinese reporter Haining Liu travels to Beijing and finds out what it was like for people who grew up during the Cultural Revolution and how those who lived under strict communism relate to their children who have had much more material, individualistic lives. And she hears about new attitudes to work and education as more people choose to study and work and outside the state system.

(Photo: Chen family, courtesy of the family)

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02China's Generation Gap - Part Two20180218

How attitudes towards family, marriage, divorce, dating differ between generations

Chinese reporter Haining Liu was born into the ‘one-child generation’ in the early 1980s. She explores how these political, social and economic changes have affected the relationship between old and young in China.

Haining looks at family life, marriage, divorce, dating, opportunities for women, and how being from the one-child generation has affected her and her peers. In a village in the mountains outside Beijing she hears from a great grandma in her 80s and four generations of one family to find out just how much things have changed in this vast country.

(Photo: Chen family, courtesy of the family)