Documentary - Three Pillars Of Trump, The [world Service]


01Three Pillars of Trump: US Defence20180123

What has President Trump’s first year has meant for US Defence?

Donald Trump came to office insisting he would end America’s mismanaged wars and invest in defence. In an unusual breach with past practice he chose a general to head up the Pentagon. But how far has defence policy changed in Trump’s first year? Is he likely to take US forces into new confrontations? And what of those who see Mr Trump as having a potentially irresponsible finger on the nuclear button? The BBC’s Defence and Diplomatic correspondent, Jonathan Marcus, examines the relationship between Trump and the Generals.

(Photo: President Donald Trump speaks to Air Force personnel during an event at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, 2017. Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

02Three Pillars of Trump: The State Department20180130

The State Department ends Trump’s first year less resourced and less empowered

What is happening to American diplomacy? It is the job of the State Department to explain to the world what America stands for, and manage the nuts and bolts of its international relations. But President Trump is uninterested in the diplomatic arts; he has proposed drastic cuts to the department and tweets foreign policy pronouncements seemingly on a whim.

He has also had a rocky relationship with his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who has been accused of gutting his own agency in the process of redesigning it to make it leaner and more efficient. That is still a work in progress, but the State Department ends Trump’s first year less resourced, less empowered, and less important than it was. What does this mean for the way US foreign policy is run, and for American influence in the world? Is this a blip or has long term damage been done? Our State Department correspondent Barbara Plett Usher has been along for the journey.

(Photo: US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks in the Treaty Room of the US Department of State, 2017. Credit: Paul J. Richards/AFP)

03Three Pillars of Trump: Healthcare Reform20180206

Healthcare reform was top of President Trumps legislative priority. What has changed?

Donald Trump campaigned on numerous issues, but when it came time for action in the early days of his administration, healthcare reform was his top legislative priority. “Repealing and replacing” the Democrats’ Obamacare system has proven harder than it seems. Time and time again the Republican-controlled Congress was unable to pass sweeping changes.

The headline-grabbing legislative failures, however, do not tell the full story. The president is slowly but steadily changing the way the healthcare operates in the US. The BBC’s senior North America reporter, Anthony Zurcher, examines the challenges facing Donald Trump’s Administration, including efforts to replace Obamacare as well as his handling of the opioid addiction epidemic and efforts to reform the medical system for US veterans.

(Photo: Protesters join together in front of the office of Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) in Miami, Florida. Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)