Does Trade Matter?


2018120420181210 (R4)

International trade is the glue that holds the world economy together. But in the era of the Trump presidency, China's Belt and Road Initiative and Brexit, global trade has become highly contentious at home and abroad.

Contrasting Jeremy Corbyn's 'Build it in Britain' campaign with Brexiteer visions of a new 'Global Britain', President Trump's protectionist language with President Xi's defence of free trade, economist George Magnus sorts spin from substance and asks how conflicting visions of trade might transform Britain's trading future and the wider global economy.

As he hears from the workers shifting containers in Britain's ports to trade experts such as Harvard's Dani Rodrik, George asks how trade is changing and how much shifts in terms and tariffs really matter in today's world of hyper-globalisation.

Producer: Julia Johnson

Economist George Magnus unpicks the trade wars and deals re-shaping the global economy