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Richard Wilson stars as Fraser McDonald, a counsellor trying to save a marriage on its last legs.

Jon Canter's hilarious new comedy features Charlie and Apples - two people who started off as boss and secretary and have ended up as adversaries on the cusp of murder. With over thirty years of experience, has Fraser finally come up against the one couple in a million who couldn't be helped?

When he's not trying to help people, Fraser likes to spend time with the love of his life - Grace, a golden retriever. Their relationship is as simple as it is loving, with a deep understanding that seems to evade most humans. Fraser would be lost without her.

The theatre version was first performed at Frinton Summer Theatre 2014. Richard Wilson talks about his appearance in the play and 75 years of the Frinton Summer weekly rep season in Frinton Forever, broadcast on 8th December 2014 at 4pm on Radio 4.

Directed by Edward Max

Produced by Clive Brill

A Brill production for BBC Radio 4.