A Dog's Tale

Clare Balding meets the native dog breeds of Britain and Ireland which are endangered.


01Irish Water Spaniels2007022520070929Clare visits a pheasant shoot, where a brace of Irish Water Spaniels are 'picking up'.
02Skye Terrier2007030420071006Made famous by Greyfriars Bobby, the Skye Terrier.
03Gordon Setter2007031120071013The handsome black and tan Gordon Setter, an intelligent and charismatic gundog.
04Sealyham Terrier2007031820071020Bred in the 1800s by Captain Edwardes, who would shoot any puppies which did not meet his standards.
05 LASTOtter Hound2007032520071027Since otter hunting was banned in 1978, the larger-than-life Otter Hound has become a dog on the verge of extinction.