Doggies Nirvana [Drama On 3]

By Jin Yun

Original translation by Ying Ruocheng

In a new version for radio by Kevin Wong

Jin Yun's 1986 play for the Beijing People's Arts Theatre has become a modern classic of Chinese theatre: a broad, bitter comedy which takes a sideways look at Chinese history through the tortured relationship of one man and a patch of land.

This new production for BBC Radio 3 marks the play's first ever performance in the UK.

Doggie's a nobody.

A peasant farmer, his simple desire for a harvest of his own condemns him to 40 years of chaos, as history takes him on a wild switchback of fortunes.

Doggie....Duncan Preston

Qi....Tony Haygarth

Wang....Benedict Wong

Shu....Paul Courtney-Hyu

Jinhua....Su-lin Looi

Dahu....Daniel York

Meng....Liz Sutherland

Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting.