Dolly Shepherd - The Edwardian Parachute Queen



After thirty minutes' training, seventeen year old Dolly Shepherd made her first jump 2,000 feet through the air from a gas-filled balloon.

In 1904 she became one of the most popular of the exclusive, daredevil band of parachutists who thrilled crowds at LONDON's Alexandra Palace and throughout Britain.

This drama documentary, adapted by Rachel Bentham, commemorates the 95th anniversary of Dolly Shepherd's daring mid-air rescue and includes an interview with her daughter Molly Sedgwick.

Dolly Shepherd....Eve Best

Captain Gaudron....Alain Bourgouin

Samuel Franklin Cody....David Brooks

Aunty Mariam....Bonnie Hurren

Louie May....Sally Cookson

With John Mackay, Chris Donnelly and Jonathan Nibbs

Directed by Kate McAll.