A Domestic, Irretrievable



. Mariola finds the nanny's earrings in the marital bed, a clue to the faltering marriage.""

by Peter Jukes

A cleaner hears everything, sees everything, and yet no one pays her any attention. As Olivier and Kim's marriage falters, Mariola sees signs and clues everywhere. Money hidden in a shoebox. A shot gun in the cellar. But to what extent is she watching the breakup and to what extent precipitating it? And how far will Mariola go to recover the family she has lost? To the brink of madness or a tragic crime?


Episode 2: Irretrievable

Ever since she discovered the Nanny's earrings in the marital bed, Mariola has seen the Andersons' marriage fall apart. But as the builders move in, and Olivier showers his wife with gifts, will he be able to win back her heart?

Mariola.... Lydia Leonard

Olivier.... Neil Stuke

Karen.... Clare Lawrence-Moody

Dr Kevin Rorty.... Sean Baker

Anna.... Christine Kavanagh

Elena.... Sally Orrock

Russell.... Deeivya Meir

Shane.... Sam Dale

Jurek.... Lloyd Thomas

Directed by Peter Kavanagh.