Don Fernando De Las Infantas


EMS20110205Robert Hollingworth talks to musicologist Tess Knighton about the music of the 16th Century Spanish composer Don Fernando de las Infantas, with performances by the BBC Singers.

Born to a notable family in Córdoba in 1534, Fernando enjoyed a privileged education, and then spent 25 years living in Rome, voluntarily giving his services to a hospital for the poor.

He was constantly involved in theological debate and frequently came into conflict with the church.

Indeed, his 1601 Treaty on Predestination brought the charge of being an illuminist, if not a quietist, and the attention of the Spanish Inquisition.

At the end of his life, overwhelmed by his theological enemies he was reduced to beggary and died in poverty.

Robert Hollingworth and Tess Knighton on the music of Don Fernando de las Infantas.