Don't Step On The Cracks

Five plays that take a quirky look at old wives' tales.


01Don't Step On The Cracks20030623Five plays that take a quirky look at old wives' tales.

By Sue Teddern.

Kirsty is going on her first date in years but she steps on a crack on the way to the tube.

Kirsty....Samantha Spiro Annie....Clare Corbett Charlie....Ben Crowe Stan....Scott Brooksbank

02The Seventh Daughter20030624By Sheila Goff A wily rejected wife misuses an old wives tale about how to determine the sex of a baby, for her own selfish ends.

Stars Adjoa Andoh, Chris Langham, and Helen Longworth

Stars Adjoa Andoh,

03The Slap20030625By Jenny Buckman When her daughter goes into an early labour, Dina remembers her Jewish roots.

Dina....Jennie Stoller Dina as girl....Zoe Buckman Grandma....Dorren Mantle Nurse....Laura Doddington

04Coconut Wishes20030626By Bettina Gracias This play contrasts Indian and British old wives' tales concerning weddings and true love.

A young Indian girl and a jilted British woman discover a mutual fascination with crashing weddings.

It stars Payel Patel, Jeff Mirza, Clare Cathcart and Sudah Bhuchar.

05 LASTThe Day We Caught The Train20030627By Katie Hims Two mysterious visitors arrive to pay their respects to the deceased but are horrified to see that her corpse has been dressed in black.

Starring Paul McCrink, Duncan Preston and Thelma Barlow