Don Webb - A Bobby's Job



AD20110629 (BBC7)
20160613 (BBC7)

A young policeman gets sucked into some dodgy dealings.

A Bobby's Job.

A young detective gets pulled in to investigate some thieving at a local firm. But every step he takes, tugs him slowly into places he shouldn't be. A radio noir by Don Webb.

Directed by Gary Brown

Life looks good for Mark and Helen Bellis. He's a young detective constable, just passed the sergeant's exam. That opens the door to a higher bracket, maybe a thirty thousand a year job. With Helen's job at the bank, they can trade up to a bigger house and start a family. Then the police job cuts loom and suddenly the way forward doesn't look quite as clear. Helen's dad, Richard, thinks his daughter married beneath her. He's an old school businessman, Mason and Golf Club captain. Very conscious of his standing in the community. Local company director. He introduces Mark to his security manager, Joby Dale. He's an ex Met Commander with a tricky little problem. Someone in the company is thieving. But he doesn't know how high up the thief is. So, he reckons, with a little help on the side from Mark, he can find out who it is, stop him and, at the same time, move himself up the power structure. Without finding himself in the firing line. Or being blamed for the breach. Mark is intrigued. And he can do with a few quid on the side. What can be the harm?

Written by TV veteran Don Webb (Juliet Bravo, Z cars) and starring Mark Jordon (lead in TV's Heartbeat).