Double Helix

A week of stories which dramatically explore the twists and turns of DNA.


AR01Turning It Round20030616By Liza Cody

Read by Stuart Crossman and Lisa Coleman.

A late night dialogue between brother and sister, where the sins of a long-dead father pose a problem that only one of them can solve.

AR02The Treatment20030617By Paul McAuley.

Series of stories exploring the twists and turns of DNA.

A young woman's treatment for a childhood disorder singles her out from the rest.

AR03Misty Crossing20030618By Lavinia Greenlaw Read by John Mackay When a man is caught in a train crash with someone he shouldn't be with, he faces a stark choice of two courses of action.
AR04The Twin Business20030619By Eugene Byrne Rebecca Smart and Anthony Smee read the story of an absentee father who has a disturbing confession to make when his daughter finds out that she is not an only child after all.
AR05 LASTStop The City20030620By Zoe Fairbairns When a middle-aged activist embarks on a late-night dialogue with her computer, she thinks she may have stumbled a new way to change the world.

Read by Jenny Coverack and Stuart Crossman