Dr Atul Gawande - The Future Of Medicine


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Atul Gawande argues that medicine must shift its focus from survival to wellbeing.

04 LASTThe Reith Lectures20141216

The surgeon and writer Atul Gawande argues that medicine must shift from a focus on health and survival to a focus on wellbeing.

Speaking to an audience at the India International Centre in Delhi, he says that insofar as possible, doctors should strive to protect people's abilities to pursue their highest priorities in life. And, as he will suggest from the story of his father's final months before his death from cancer, those priorities are very often more complex than simply the wish to live longer.

Dr Gawande's Reith Lecture series, "The Future of Medicine," examine the nature of progress and failure in medicine, a field defined by what he calls "the messy intersection of science and human fallibility".

The Reith Lectures are introduced and chaired by Sue Lawley and produced by Jim Frank.