Dreadtime Stories

A new horror radio drama that will give you nightmares.


Here Comes The Sludgeby Steve Nubie
A fresh comet is en route with the seeds of a new form of life, or perhaps...a new form of death.
MercyMathers looks like a blonde angel, but everyone knows she’s the wildest party girl in Clarion High. But when her boozy, slutty antics cause the death of nearly the entire high school football team’s starting line-up, Mercy seeks forgiveness by way of religion. Once she’s saved, Mercy feels compelled also to save the bad boys she once sought out for her own pleasure. Now she offers herself to compel them, too, to find the Lord. But bad boys tend to be bad, and to prevent them from backsliding, Mercy has to sacrifice them before they can fall from grace. But what guy would ever guess that the sexiest, most beautiful girl in school is a homicidal maniac on a mission from God?
01The Late Shift20111001by Dennis Etchison
A company takes flesh-peddling to a whole new level.
02Reincarnal20111101by Max Allan Collins
A young woman may be the reincarnated victim of a serial killer on the loose.
03A Fungus Among Us20111201
05Living Space20120201
06A Good Head On His Shoulders20120301
07A Heated Premonition20120401