Dream Job With Bryan Burnett


01Radzi Chinyanganya2015040720150412 (RS)Encounters with giant rodents and braving the chilly waters of Lake Windermere in winter - all part of the job for a children's TV presenter. Bryan Burnett hears from Radzi Chinyanganya about the thrills of working on Blue Peter and the challenges he faced in the quest for his dream job.

Blue Peter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya talks to Bryan Burnett.

02Nicola Sturgeon20151220

Bryan Burnett travels to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh to meet Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

She is Scotland's first female First Minister and the first woman to lead any of the devolved UK administrations.

In a revealing conversation they discuss topics as diverse as the pain of losing an election, the joy of the selfie and why it is important to develop a thick skin in politics.

Nicola Sturgeon was born in Ayrshire and became involved in politics at an early age, mentioning being active in campaigning before she was able to vote.

After several attempts, her entry into full-time politics came at the age of 29, when she was elected as a Glasgow regional MSP for the Scottish National Party (SNP).

In the programme, she describes standing on the stage, having lost an election as 'horrible'; although she goes on to say that the experience of losing can strengthen your resolve to 'do better next time'.

After holding a variety of ministerial roles, she became Deputy First Minister of Scotland in 2007 and First Minister in November, 2014.

She is currently the Leader of the SNP and the MSP for Glasgow Southside.

During the lead-up to the Scottish Referendum of 2014 and the General Election the following year, she was active on the campaign trail where she was a fan of the selfie, using it as a means of meeting the electorate.

As First Minister she lives with the cut and thrust of political comment. She refers to the need to grow a thick skin and how comments can be more hurtful for family members than for her personally.

At home and off duty, Nicola Sturgeon is an avid reader and has presented sessions at the Edinburgh Book Festival. She is an enthusiastic advocate of reading as a pastime for young people and within the programme, reveals a long-held secret ambition of her own.

02Suzie Livingstone2015041420150419 (RS)swapped a school in Scotland for one at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro after falling in love with a new country and its people. Bryan Burnett speaks to the teacher and aid-worker about the trip to Tanzania that changed her life.

Bryan Burnett speaks to teacher and aid worker Suzie Livingstone.

03Andrew Peasgood2015042820150503 (RS)Bryan Burnett talks to Scottish Ballet soloist Andrew Peasgood.

Taking up ballet at a young age is not always an easy choice for a boy. Scottish Ballet soloist, Andrew Peasgood tells Bryan Burnett about the determination needed to make it in his dream job - and how ballet training could even help footballers!

04Sophia George2015050520150510 (RS)Bryan Burnett talks to Bafta-winning games designer Sophia George.

Sophia George loved art and computer games at school and has combined both interests in her dream job as a games designer. She shares her story with Bryan Burnett, from winning a BAFTA to inspiring school children to design their own games.