Duchamp's Urinal [Drama]


DRAMA2015040220200211 (BBC7)
20170518 (R4)
A documentary fiction about how a men's urinal changed the face of the art world at the turn of the 20th century.

Presented by art-historian Ben Street, and a cast of other subversive characters.

Written by Al Smith and Ben Street
Produced by Lu Kemp.

A documentary fiction about Marcel Duchamp's groundbreaking work The Fountain.

Merce.... Chris Pavlo
Bellows/Wyatt/Sophisticate/American Voice....Sam Dale
Arensberg/Taxi Driver/French Voice/Steiglitz.... Nick Underwood
John Cage/Joseph Stella/German voice.... Finn Den Hertog
Marcel Duchamp....Samuel Barnett
Johns.... Mark Edel Hunt
Rauchenberg.... Neet Mohan

Producer: Lu Kemp.