The Duchess Of Malfi



By John Webster.

The Duchess of Malfi is one of the great Jacobean plays, and this new production focuses on the personal tragedies of a powerful family rent by lust and betrayal.

When the widowed Duchess marries her steward Antonio, the choice challenges the accepted social order and established lines of power.

It also brings her into direct conflict with her powerful brothers, the Duke Ferdinand and the scheming Cardinal, and tragedy ensues.

The dark tale is enhanced by dark music written especially for the play.

Duchess....Sophie Okonedo

Antonio....Rory Kinnear

Ferdinand....Jonathan Slinger

Bosola....Bertie Carvel

Cardinal....Oliver Senton

Delio....Oliver Le Sueur

Cariola....Becky Hindley

Julia....Rachel Davidge

Doctor....Michael Griffiths

Pescara....Paul Panting

Roderigo/Executioner....Nicholas Gadd

Grisolan/Servant....Francis Middleditch

Music by Arthur Ka Wai Jenkins.

Adapted for radio and directed by Roy McMillan.